Liver bruit

Liver bruit appears when there is a compression or distortion of the hepatic artery, or in the stem visceral resulting in a vascular murmur.

liver-bruitA murmur of the liver often is a symptom of cancer of the liver.

The causes of liver bruit

The most typical of the reasons is hepatic disease, but sometimes other reasons, the development of hepatic murmurs as:

  • acute alcoholic hepatitis,
  • an arteriovenous fistula in the liver,
  • hemangioma,
  • secondary deposit in the liver,
  • liver injury,
  • the disease called Fitz-Hugh-Curtis syndrome.Abdominal pain

Bruits liver-related liver cancer may arise as a result of numerous complications of the liver which can be prevented. One way of preventing inflammation of the liver, cancer and other diseases of the liver, which are associated with liver murmurs is the prevention inflammatory conditions. It may be helpful here a vaccine against hepatitis B.

It is also important to take care of your diet, avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.

Diagnosis and treatment of liver bruit

To diagnose the problem, which they are murmurs of the liver is necessary to conduct several tests. A medical condition does not show any specific symptoms except audible murmurs. Therefore they are the most common symptom of the liver diseases such as cancer.

During the test is performed:

  • CT scan of the liver, gallbladder, and spleen,
  • auscultation,
  • MRA,
  • ultrasound of the liver,
  • other.stetoskop3

Diagnosis of murmurs of liver varies depending on the causes of the disease. Characteristic liver bruits at the end of the branches of the celiac trunk as a result of compression of the pancreas, caused by the oppression of the splenic artery. The problem may appear additionally due to a splenic aneurysm.

A murmur of the liver may be associated with an enlarged liver.

Murmurs are associated with the liver diseases such as syndrome of Martin, caused by cirrhosis or other conditions affecting the portal vein pressure. Murmurs also appear, with hemangiomas of the liver of impenetrable.

The treatment depends on the causes of disease and is closely related to it.

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