Lipoatrophy is a medical term for fat loss in the body. This is a condition associated with the onset of certain diseases as being infected, or the use of particular types of drugs (used in the treatment HIV). The condition is also known as lipodystrophy, which occurs in people with HIV.

LipoatrophyLipoatrophy is a disorder of adipose tissue, which is caused both by itself infection as well as antiviral treatment. The characteristics of the problem are the loss of adipose tissue in the face, limbs, and buttocks, along with central fat accumulation in the abdomen, chest and around the neck (can be built so-called a buffalo hump).

The symptoms of lipoatrophy

The most prominent symptom of lipoatrophy is the loss of fat tissue on the face. The main areas affected are the cheeks and temples. The cheeks are a collapsed, making fat loss emphasizes wrinkles and accentuates the changes related to aging.

Lipoatrophy makes the patient looks tired, as well as much older than it is. Loss of adipose tissue on the face very is often characterized people affected by the HIV.biurko_lekarza

The appearance of change, can hinder daily hygiene – as the shaving for men, and additionally asymmetric loss of adipose tissue on the face contributes to the emergence of dental abscesses and other dental problems.

Other symptoms that include loss of fat tissue under the skin of hands and feet make it more visible, becoming veins, and the shortcomings of fat on the soles of the feet can significantly hinder walking making it extremely painful and exhausting.

The treatment of lipoatrophy

Visible changes and symptoms that have appeared in patients can be improved by promoting healthy lifestyles, adjusting antiretroviral medications or injecting fillers which allow restoring as far as healthy appearance.

Injecting face particular stimulants can reconstruct deficiencies by stimulating the natural production of collagen within the body, which gradually restores lost facial volume (thickening of skin tissue) caused by lipoatrophy.

The number of needed to restore normal facial appearance, therapy sessions depends on the person and the severity of lipoatrophy. Most often, however, 2-3 treatments performed for four to six weeks, allow the skin to create a sufficient amount of collagen. In more severe cases it may be necessary more than six procedures performed over a longer period.lek_strzykawka

Side effects, of treatments filling cavities fat on the face, is sometimes the pain during the injection or noticeable discomfort on the face that appears after surgery, but can be minimized through the use of appropriate creams, analgesics or local anesthesia.

After a few days of treatment, there may be swelling and redness, and bruises which eventually disappears. In the absence of proper techniques of surgery, may also appear nodules at the injection sites, so it should perform a massage of these places, to achieve the desired effects. After the treatment, it is recommended to avoid intense exercise and alcohol consumption.

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