Disorders of memory and intellect

Disorders of memory and intellect are the health problem associated with a reduction of intellectual functions, about the state before the appearance of the disease. The most common of these disorders concern the older people, often causing many difficulties in the everyday functioning.

Disorders of memory and intellectDisorders of memory and intellect are often called senile dementia, however, does not always relate only to elderly people. Memory impairment, even those seemingly insignificant, are expressed in the forgetting of certain facts or events of the recent past – the previous day, and even a few hours. In turn, the reduction of intellectual function not only applies to the memory of the facts but also interferes with orientation, thinking, and judgment.

The symptoms above are the most common symptoms of aging, are harmless, but it happens that tend to be extremely burdensome, or may relate to other diseases. Disorders of memory and intellect may be small, persistent , but in some cases may be significantly deepen.

When disease increasing in intensity, can appear other problems with intellectual functions, which can contribute to some difficulties in the daily life of a sick person.

The causes of disorders of memory and intellect

Many reasons can cause impaired memory and mind. Among the main reasons why there are problems with memory and mind are:headache

  • degenerative diseases of the vascular and nervous system,
  • Alzheimer’s disease,
  • cerebrovascular disease,
  • frontotemporal dementia.
  • Parkinson’s disease,
  • injuries and brain tumors,
  • central nervous system infections,
  • multiple sclerosis,
  • epilepsy,
  • thyroid disease,
  • chronic stress,
  • depression,
  • dependence on sedatives and hypnotics,
  • alcohol abuse,
  • brain disease like meningitis, atherosclerosis,
  • deficiency of vitamins (especially B vitamins).

The symptoms disorders of memory and intellect

Impaired memory and intellect are a condition in which there is a decrease in dementia and intellectual function, which can hinder everyday life. The main symptoms of memory problems and loss of intellect are:

  • forgetting about the events and facts that took place relatively recently,
  • forgetting the names of loved ones, the names of objects, etc.,
  • depression,
  • problems with finding themselves in familiar places
  • difficulty in dressing,
  • mobility problems,
  • the memory of things and situations that have occurred in the distant past,
  • delusions, suspiciousness, mistaken beliefs about certain situations or things,
  • in difficult cases, there are problems with controlling physiological functions or speech and movement,
  • sometimes there is aggression, desire to escape, screaming.Vitamins

Diagnosis and treatment of disorders of memory and intellect

The first symptoms of problems with memory and mind should be reported to your doctor, who will interview and evaluate the intellectual ability of the patient. Often, is also carried out, neuropsychological testing.

The treatment depends on the cause of the problem, which is why the patient needs additional consultation is neurological. At a time when there are also psychological symptoms, should go for psychiatric advice. It is often necessary to use medications to improve blood flow, lecithin, and other products for memory and intellect. Controlling blood pressure is also crucial.

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