Testicular torsion

Testicular torsion is a very painful problem of for urology, which occurs when the spermatic cord, supplying blood to the nucleus undergoes torsion. As a result, due to the restriction of blood flow to the affected tissue, can occur its necrosis.

Testicular torsionThis disease is a problem extremely rare and most commonly affects boys during adolescence, but in older men and young boys may also occur.

The causes of testicular torsion

Most of the men who suffer from testicular torsion, usually born with an increased risk of a problem, even if they do not know about it. Typically, the kernel can not move freely inside the scrotum because the surrounding tissue is strong and firmly support them. In men and boys who are experiencing testicular torsion, the connective tissue in the scrotum is weaker, so that the kernel can move freely, which increases the risk of twisting of the spermatic cord.

Testicular torsion can also occur after a groin injury, but most commonly occurs during rapid growth in puberty. Torsion usually takes place in one of the nuclei and bilateral torsion, although possible, is an exception.

The disease can occur at any time, regardless of the state of rest or engage in the intense physical activity. Often, however, that sports injury are the cause of testicular torsion.Testicular Failure

The symptoms of testicular torsion

Pain and swelling in the scrotum are the main symptoms of a problem occurs. The issue usually occurs suddenly and can be extremely inconvenient. Swelling may be limited only to the kernel which appeared to turn, but it may also cover the entire scrotum. In some instances, there are additional:

  • dizziness,
  • nausea,
  • vomiting,
  • lumps in the scrotum,
  • the blood in the semen.

There are other potential causes of acute pain nuclei as epididymitis, which is why it is necessary to go to with a problem to the doctor.

Diagnosis and treatment of testicular torsion

Testicular torsion is diagnosed by performing a series of tests, such as physical examination, urinalysis, ultrasound of the scrotum, etc.operacja

The treatment of testicular torsion must be taken immediately because it is the life-threatening condition. Never should, therefore, ignore the acute pain testicles. There are some occasions in which there is intermittent testicular torsion, when you move, the nuclei become entangled and untwist arbitrarily. It is, therefore, important to go to the doctor, even when the sharp pain suddenly appeared, and then disappeared.

Mostly, testicular torsion requires surgical intervention, but there are cases in which the doctor can untwist the spermatic cord by hand.

Surgery usually takes place as fast as possible because it is necessary to restore blood flow to the nuclei. If the blood flow is blocked for more than six hours can occur death of the kernel, resulting in its removal.

Quick response maintains the full functionality of nuclei, but may also appear some potential complications as problems with fertility – by reducing the sperm count.

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