Pearly penile papules

Pearly penile papules are small papillomas, which appear around the ridge the penis. They occur most often in one or more rows of small pearl or skin tone gradations, smooth papules that surround the crown of the glans. Individual ridges have on average a from 1 to 3 mm in length.

Pearly penile papulesDespite the fact that they are often confused with warts of HPV, pearly penile papules are completely harmless and anatomically different. Their formation does not contribute to the sexual activity or lack of hygiene and isn’t also the result of infectious diseases – in contrast to genital warts.

The fact that lumps resemble some health-threatening conditions, makes men having that subtle defect, often feel stigmatized and tend to have complexes. Pearly penile papules are a common variety of skin lesion, which may occur in up to one-quarter of adult men.

The symptoms of pearly penile papulesTesticular Failure

Besides the same papules surrounding the penis, the problem is entirely free of symptoms.

The causes of pearly penile papules

The appearance of the pearly penile papules, do not have any particular reason. The nodules may be the residual of sensitive skin of the penis. Many men who have this harmless defect, often feels more sexual pleasure and orgasm faster, but this is not entirely justified. According to the survey, this defect most often affects men uncircumcised.

Pearly penile papules appear between 20 and 40 years of age and in many cases are so small that almost imperceptible.

Diagnosis and treatment of pearly penile papules

Recognition of pearly penile papules can be diagnosed by a dermatologist. During the physical assessment, are excluded the alternative diseases such as molluscum contagiosum, warts, ectopic sebaceous glands and the like.

Frequently pearly penile papules, are confused from genital warts, but they are more uniform in the shape and size, as well as more resemble warts. Others from similar looking skin lesions may vary from small details, so you should verify them to the doctor.

Treatment is recommended only when the appearance of pearly penile papules, is an excessive psychological stress for a man. And because they are not a danger to health, you do not need to intervene. Before starting any form of treatment, it is important to make an appropriate diagnosis of the disease, cause the expensive treatments may turn out to unnecessary.

The most commonly used are the surgical treatment, which involves, in this case, the removal of each lump located on the penis. This is a relatively easy process, however, requires hospitalization and anesthesia. Very popular are also:operacja

  • laser surgery which uses a targeted carbon dioxide laser; is also the safest method;
  • radiosurgery – uses high doses of radiation to ionize the tissue selectively;
  • cryosurgery or freeze – with liquid nitrogen;
  • surgical excision – using a scalpel or lancet, wherein each lump is removed one by one; This method is the least secure because it can cause damage to the surrounding tissue and requires a regeneration stage.

Because men who have a defect in the form of pearly penile papules experience a lot of anxiety and stress, these treatments become for them the only solution. There are no specific causes of the detect what makes it harder to counteract them.

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