Epispadias is an innate and extremely rare anomaly, manifested by the opening of the urethra. In boys, epispadias opens at the top of the penis, rather than its end. Space, which creates the opening reminds the chute, which appears along the penis.

EpispadiasThis birth defect also occurs in girls, when the opening of the urethra is located towards the clitoris, and in extreme cases even in the abdominal area. The disease makes the external genitalia, and the urethra is not functioning well.

In the male the urethra, it is long since it begins at the bladder and then passes through the prostate gland of the crotch and penis.

Epispadias is a highly rare condition, and if the urethra is located close to the base of the penis (and the abdominal wall), then it affects the bladder, making urination hard.

In most cases, epispadias contributes to the fact that the pelvic bones do not connect the front. This situation makes the bladder sphincter does not close until the end because it takes more than the shape of a horseshoe ring, which causes urinary leakage.

The symptoms of epispadias

Most cases of epispadias, are diagnosed at birth during the physical examination. In mild cases, the defect may be unnoticed until parents do not notice problems while using the child’s potty.

The causes of epispadiasCongenital hypothyroidism

The way in which organs are formed in the child during pregnancy is very complicated. The defect of the genitals, appears, however, usually along with other problems, epispadias rarely occurs alone.

Epispadias is interfering in the genitals, has many different varieties. In some situations, it may be only a small hole at the penis above the regular opening of the urethra.

The treatment epispadias

The primary purpose of treatment of a disease is to appearance and functioning of the genitals could be restored to normal operation. The best way is here surgery. In boys affected defect of epispadias, the primary purpose is to:

  • ensure the proper functioning of the penis,
  • making every effort to have the appropriate length of the penis and as a healthy appearance.

If the bladder and the bladder coil are affected, the operation will be necessary to make sure that it will be possible to control urination. Surgery may also be needed to preserve fertility.

There are two basic types of surgical procedures, both of which can restore function and functioning of a penis. Most often these procedures are carried out in the youngest patients. The choice of treatment depends on:lekarz

  • type epispadias,
  • surgeon’s experience,
  • the surgeon’s preference.

In some cases, the child’s penis may be underdeveloped.

The first method of treatment is called a modified technique of Cantwell, and wherein the penis is reconstructed by moving the coil to an average position. The second technique called the method of Mitchell, is, in turn, subtracting the penis entirely and its subsequent reconstruction and restoring normal function.

Continued treatment may require re-treatments, which are related to further repair of the urethra, as well as to increase its strength. There are cases in which, after treatment, the urethra opens again and require further treatment.

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