Tombak cleansing diet

Tombak cleansing diet, a treatment that has been developed by the renowned specialist of the Russian philosophy of natural medicine, Professor Michal Tombak.

tombak-cleansing-dietTombak cleansing diet is based on intensive therapy with the use of substances of natural origin. During a diet, it is recommended to drink water mixed with so-called acid salt (magnesium sulphate) every morning, which is a gentle laxative. Professor claims that the solution allows detoxifying the body, transporting toxins into the intestines, which facilitates their removal. Drinking salted water can have the side effect of dehydration.

In the cleansing diet, it is recommended to drink plenty of fluids, preferably if it is a mixture of citrus fruit juices, which help to offset the loss of fluids due to dehydration. Also, citrus fruit juices are an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals.

Who should use Tombak cleansing diet?

Six-juice-based diet, developed by Prof. Tombak, it is recommended for strengthening body and mind. It is excellent for people who live in stress, are weary, notoriously tired for no reason, suffering from nuisance headaches or have a constipation problem. Use of diet also helps people suffering from gastric and duodenal ulcers. Also, Tombak juice diet is ideal for hemorrhoids.Slimming diets

Basics of Tombak cleansing diet

The power of cleansing diet, lies in the freshly squeezed juices, according to Professor Tombak. Fresh fruits are an excellent source of vitamins, trace elements, and minerals that are essential for maintaining good shape and health.

Squeezed juices from fruits or vegetables are richer in nutrients, compared to those from the carton, which are devoid of many vitamins and minerals due to production processes. All healthy ingredients of juices, retain their values to four hours after extrusion (in the case of vegetables to 10 hours), and therefore they have significant advantages over those bought in a carton.

Tombak cleansing diet relies initially only on salt water and fresh juice, and herbal infusions with properties of laxatives. In the following days of the diet, you can gradually introduce fruits and vegetables, and on the last day as well the minimum amount of grits, eggs, and fish.

The first six days of treatment is just the beginning, because, to Tombak cleansing diet made sense, it is necessary to change eating habits, at least for the next two months. Among the main changes is the exclusion of the food products with white sugar and white flour processed fruit, sweets, and canned preserves. Also, reducing the intake of fatty and fried foods is good. In small quantities are permitted butter, cheese, fish, eggs, and meat. Not recommended is the milk but only certain dairy products like cheese and curd. The basis of the diet should be salads and cereal products, vegetables, fruit and freshly squeezed juices. It is not recommended to combine proteins and carbohydrates.

What is Tombak cleansing diet?

A cleansing diet is a combination of cleansing therapy and weight loss using natural ingredients, natural methods, and small sacrifices. It helps us to get rid of toxins and deposits poisoning our bodies, and by the occasion – losing weight. Despite the many controversies, the diet is quite popular.

  • Tombak cleansing diet is the diet “not to connect” of ingredients – do not combine in it proteins and carbohydrates.
  • A gap between the protein and carbohydrate meal shall have minimum 2-3 hours. Carb meals are best to be consumed between 9 and 13, and after that time – you could eat proteins.Therapeutic diets
  • Also, do not combine, the different types of protein and carbohydrates – you should not mix products such as eggs and fish, or bread with jam because causes increased appetite.
  • The basis of the daily diet should be cereal – in particular, buckwheat, wheat, corn, barley, millet and rice.
  • It is important to eat vegetables in five colors, combining them at every meal, e.g., cabbage, carrots, beets, dill and parsley with a little salt and herbs. It is worth to eat it before meals to reduce appetite.
  • Juice diet brings quick results in the form of cleansing detox and loss of some extra weight – it is perfect for active people, but also those overloaded and overworked because it allows treating headaches and constipation.
  • Several stages of diet can cleanse the body and change eating habits for the better.
  • An essential element of Tombak cleansing diet is the use of enemas, which are to ensure proper functioning of the intestines and cleanse the body of waste products.

Before using the diet, it is important to consult the doctor or nutritionist.

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