The silicon detox

The silicon detox is based on products rich in the mineral silica (Si), which has numerous important functions in our body. Sometimes this mineral component is called the “beauty mineral” because it improves the elasticity of the skin, hair, and ensures proper nail growth.

the-silicon-detoxSilicon is a crucial element which helps to provide the flexibility of collagen in the tissues of the body, including supporting tendons and cartilage. It also allows to alleviate pain and maintains the flexibility of the whole body. It was also found that a high level of silicon in blood serum helps to keep the platelets in good shape and prevents the clogging of blood vessels.

This element is also essential for maintaining the health of strong bones and healthy cardiovascular system. However, its most important function for the silicon detox is its ability to detoxify heavy metals – especially the aluminum.

For whom the silicon detox is recommended?

The silicon detox is the perfect solution for people suffering from poor digestion, Those having problems with the bone or joints, as well as for those who are struggling with parasites and fungi like Candida. This is the perfect detox for the elderly, and people who have a problem with heart disease. It is a unique way to preserve the beauty of the body, which helps to maintain youthfulness for longer – especially supporting the elasticity of the skin.

The silicon detox is an excellent way to cleanse the body of heavy metals, but also helps people who experience a yo-yo effect after drastic weight loss. Detox is perfect for spring, autumn or winter. During the summer, it is better not to use it because of a warming nature of its components.

What is the silicon detox?obesity-gene-does-not-impede-the-weight-loss

The most important component of silicon detox is water, which is a prerequisite for the safe and effective cleansing. Large quantities of water with lemon and ginger should always accompany anyone who decides to silicon detox.

Another great beverage that helps increase the amount of silicon in the diet is the juice of beet, carrot, apple and lemon. Each of these ingredients aids the purification of the organism is preferably affecting the gastrointestinal system, and the diet is enriched in pectin and other ingredients that help to remove the toxins “bad” cholesterol, as well as heavy metals.

Perfect drink supercharging our diet in silicon is the tea of horsetail in which we find up to 20% soluble silica. Also, this brew will enrich our body in bioflavonoids and organic acids – especially important for women.

During the silicon detox must remember a few rules:

  • Imperative are solid meal times – breakfast 7.00 – 9.00, lunch during the midday hours, and dinner, as the most important meal of the day, should be consumed before sunset, which is usually between 17.00 and 19.00, at least three hours before bedtime.
  • You should not drink during your meals – fluids thin the digestive juices, so it is best to drink at least 30 minutes before a meal or 30 minutes after.
  • All food should be fresh (cooked in the day), they should not be reheated.
  • Between meals, you should take a break – an average of 2-4 hours, in which food shall be entirely digested.
  • If during the detox occur headaches and nausea, it is a natural reaction of the organism that removes toxins. In this case, remember to drink plenty of fluids, because detoxification always requires water, which helps eliminate toxins from the body.
  • The day should begin with a glass of water with lemon and ginger, best drunk immediately after waking up, and then after 30 minutes, it is safe to drink a glass of beet juice, carrot and apple with lemon. Should not be eating in between meals!Therapeutic diets
  • Every day you should consume one type of grain, for example by introducing a day of millet, of buckwheat or a day with spelled.
  • During the silicon detox, works best organic vegetables and fruits.
  • Before taking a silicon detox, you should consult with your doctor, because in the case of certain chronic diseases or disorders, it may not be advisable.

During the silicon detox, it is worth to consume supplements of silicon. What is more, it is good to use diaphragmatic breathing (it allows to get rid of up to 70% of toxins from the body), are indicated exercises 1-2 times a day (preferably morning and evening), as well as baths with salt (always unrefined) which helps to eliminate the toxins.

Diet on silicon detox should be based on groats, fruits, vegetables as well as herbs and spices.

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