Cholesterol-lowering diet

Cholesterol-lowering diet is needed for people whose cholesterol levels in the blood caused an excessive amount of saturated fats is increasing.

cholesterol-lowering-dietLowering blood cholesterol, it is possible, through the inclusion of the daily diet foods with reduced amounts of saturated fats. Among the products that should be excluded are butter, hard margarine, lard, fatty meats and meat products, full-fat cheese, milk, cream, coconut oils, confectionery products and the like.

The cholesterol-lowering diet should be based on plant products which have no cholesterol and are low in saturated fats. It is worth mention here oatmeal, barley, fruits, vegetables, soy, beans and legumes, nuts, seeds.

Cholesterol-lowering diet primarily aims to reduce levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol.

Why is cholesterol-lowering diet so important?

Cholesterol in itself is not bad because it is a naturally occurring substance that produces our body. Only 25% of cholesterol comes from the food we eat (located only in animal products), the remainder is produced by our bodies.obeso

The problem with cholesterol arises when the natural balance is disturbed, and cholesterol in excess accumulated in our body begins to adversely affect the health of the heart, being able to contribute to a heart attack or stroke.

The good news is probably the fact that we can control in some way cholesterol levels using an appropriate diet, as well as ensure regular activity 150 minutes per week.

Healthy eating in the case of elevated cholesterol levels is the best way to achieve a balance in blood cholesterol levels, and overall health. To get the nutrients we need food and we should choose products, such as vegetables and fruits, high-fiber whole-grain bread and cereals and lean dairy products.

Products that can help reduce the level of cholesterol in the diet

The variety of products that allow you to lower cholesterol is enormous so that the diet can be very diverse.

We can mention, among others:

  • wholemeal products of various kinds including flour and oatmeal,
  • oily fish such as salmon, mackerel or black cod,
  • vegetables and fruits – a wealth of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals,Dietary plan
  • foods rich in omega-3 fatty acid, such as avocados, seeds, flax, olive oil, canola oil,
  • foods rich in plant sterols such as nuts, almonds.

Among the products that should be avoided, or eat in moderate amounts, are animal products that are rich in saturated fats – beef, lamb, veal, pork, duck, goose, cream, cheese, butter, an egg yolk. Also, we should avoid fried food, highly processed meat products such as hot dogs and sausages, simple sugars (found in soft drinks, sweets, confectionery and other baked goods), and saturated fats from oils such as coconut oil or palm fat, hardened margarine or lard.

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