Anderson’s diet

Anderson’s diet is a diet of not to connect, which is mainly based on the separation of protein from the carbohydrates. This weight loss program will work for people who are working until late afternoon, because of a main meal of the day in the diet, is after 16:00.

andersons-dietAnderson’s the diet is based on the hypothesis that health problems and those associated with excess body weight are caused by the accumulation of toxic compounds in the body which are formed by the wrong combinations of components in a single meal.

For whom Anderson’s diet was created?

Anderson’s diet is designed for people who want to lose some weight, they have problems with hyperacidity, hypertension or are overtired. Diet, like many others, requires prior consultation with a doctor or nutritionist, especially if you plan to use it for more than three weeks.

Principles of Anderson’s diet

Anderson’s diet is a treatment that is most often used for obtaining the effects of weight loss, but it can also be used as a way of eating for life (unless we do not have medical contraindications for doing so).

Because the treatment is a diet not to connect, you should introduce it gradually, so your body get used to a new way of eating. Incompatibility of carbohydrates and proteins in Anderson’s diet is intended to increase the fat burning efficiency, as in such a way, digestive enzymes will act intensively on one component. The disadvantage of this diet can be the appearance of cellulite.

In this treatment, it is necessary to comply with the order meals – defined group of products should be eaten at specific intervals of hourly, allowing you to lose weight effectively:

  • in the morning you should eat only fruits and fruit juices,
  • in the afternoon until 16.00 are recommended vegetable juices, lettuce, and other green vegetables,
  • after 16.00 you can eat everything, but remember about, not to combine the proteins with carbohydrates (meat, fish, and cheese with potatoes, porridge, bread or pasta).A gluten-free diet is gaining in popularity!

The diet also implies that you should not drink during and after meals, you can reach out for drinks only after the half-hour break. Additionally, meals should take place only when we feel the hunger – the first sign of fullness should be finished the meal.

At 20:00, the time of day in which you must discontinue the meals. Anderson’s diet is mainly based on fruits, nuts and vegetables and the meat, fish and cheese are recommended only in small amounts.

Among the prohibited product should be replaced aerated waters, processed juices, all kinds of sauces, coffee, tea, and alcohol.

Anderson’s diet provides high flexibility in composing meals but is best to apply it in the spring or summer, when we have a season for many vegetables and fruits.

Those who do not like vegetables and fruits as the main ingredients of meals should start a diet gradually. It will help to persevere in it for longer – for the first week, you can use the program from mid-morning, the second week uses the program the afternoon, and in the third week following all the rules of the diet.

The diet does not contain milk and dairy products, so it is good to provide a calcium through another source.

Advantages and disadvantages of Anderson’s diet

The diet does not belong to extremely restrictive, also does not give spectacular effects, because you can lose weight on an average kilogram per week. In this diet you do not have to count calories, you can freely compose meals, and it is convenient for people who during the day do not have much time to prepare meals.

The advantage of the diet is that it is rarely tied to the yo-yo effect, and at the same daily meals provide a sufficiently large dose of energy, with a relatively small calorific value.

The biggest meal in the diet falls in the afternoons and evenings, and can, therefore, charge the stomach, increasing the risk of deposition of body fat, so it is not a diet suitable for people who suffer from obesity.Slimming diets

Some nutritionists say that the diet of not to connect carbohydrates and protein products may be harmful to health. However, there isn’t any scientific confirmation of this thesis.

A sample menu Anderson’s diet may present as:

  • from 24.00 to 12.00 – orange juice, banana, apple, nectarine
  • from 12.00 to 16.00 – tomato juice, vegetable salad (e.g., with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, radish, chives), a handful of walnuts,
  • from 16.00 to 20.00 – chicken breast or a portion of cod steamed with vegetables, beans, cauliflower.

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