50/50 diet

50/50 diet is a diet whose main principle is the use a diet every second day. It means that you do not have to stick to treatment all the time to the results were satisfactory. The diet is popular because it does not require too many sacrifices.

50-50-dietLosing weight or seek to maintain a healthy weight, sometimes for many of us is a great challenge. Therefore treatment of 50/50 is the perfect solution, especially for people who have difficulties with a strong will and are quickly discouraged by the diet. 50/50 diet is based on research, including this psychological.

50/50 diet used every second day, is relatively easy in the implementation, because according to numerous studies, it is much simpler to persevere in it, knowing that the next day you can depart from it, and just have a break.

The rules of the 50/50 diet

50/50 diet, is about to prepare a plan for weight loss on every second day, which in practice is presented by the days of feasting and days to make some restrictions, used alternately. It is essential to limit the day eaten meals up to 500 calories (women) or 600 calories (men).Slimming diets

Diet days are to provide about 25-30% of daily caloric intake, while the days of feasting, allow for free selection of products that they may catch up with little calories. But we must remember not to place undue overdo it, because of dietary 50/50, is not on fasting days and days of gluttony without brakes – this way losing weight would be ineffective. It is essential to sensible planning, drink large quantities of water and moderation.

Dieters 50/50 do not also involve the austerity counting of calories because stress does not help in the efficient discharge of kilograms. We should also remember that sometimes it is advisable to make a day off from the diet – for example when we celebrate on the day some events. After this short break, back to the alternating system of diet will be more pleasant.

The first weeks of the diet may be difficult, and the days of diet can be hard because of noticeable hunger – 500-600 kcal is a little. Days of feasting, in turn, should look like a standard day – must not be restricted ourselves to food but also we should maintain in our diet a common sense.

With time, the diet becomes more fun, and we can also slightly increase the caloric content of meals in a day of the diet, for example up to 700 kcal. In days of feasting, should not exceed the recommended dose of caloric on average of about 2,000 calories for women and 2500 kcal for men.

Advantages and disadvantages of the 50/50 diet

According to the survey, and the assurances of the authors of a diet it allows to lose weight, even a seven kilograms per month, which is a quite positive effect. The diet alternating at first glance seems to be a good idea. However, it raises some doubts – in the end, such drastic differences in calorie intake may seem harmful to health.Therapeutic diets

Certainly, this diet is not suitable for everyone. For some people may be ineffective, while to others will be helpful. It should also remember about include regular physical activity, without which any slimming diet makes no sense.

Before starting the diet, it is good to learn about it as much as possible and consult it with a doctor or nutritionist. The diet 50/50 is a serious change in dietary habits and therefore requires adequate preparation.

As is clear from numerous studies, effects of this diet are promising, because, in two months, it is possible to lose weight up to fifteen kilograms. A positive aspect of it is also the fact that you do not have to go hungry, can eat what you like, plus you do not have to stick rigidly imposed the hours of meals.

Unfortunately, many nutritionists do not recommend this diet.

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