5-factor diet

5-factor diet was developed by renowned fitness trainer Herley Pasternak, who says that this way of nutrition is a life plan, not just an ordinary diet.

5-factor-dietThe program of 5-factor diet focuses on five – 5 meals a day, five ingredients per day (including the preparation of 5 minutes) and 25-minute training – consisting of five segments of five minutes exercise performed five times a week.

Pasternak provides that eating five balanced meals a day, helps maintain appropriate blood sugar levels, and also guarantees a good mood and energy for the whole day.

On what ingredients is based a 5-factor diet?

Because the diet is made up of five elements, each meal must contain unique five food groups, with a low glycemic index. This include:

  • protein – egg whites, fish, lean meat, skim milk,
  • complex carbohydrates – vegetables, sweet potatoes, wild rice, beans, lentils, oatmeal, quinoa groats,
  • fiber – whole grains, beans, wild rice, fruits and vegetables eaten with the peel and seeds,
  • healthy fats – the best from fish such as salmon, tuna, mackerel, sardines, rainbow trout, as well as peanut oil, olive oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, linseed oil,
  • sugar-free drinks – water, coffee, tea, unsweetened energy drinks – diet does not mention alcohol, but there are certain exceptions there when we can once in a while eat and drink what we want.

The principles of 5-factor dietobesity-gene-does-not-impede-the-weight-loss

Diet is not complicated to make but requires some small limitations associated with the use of appropriate ingredients for each meal.

  • Cooking and preparing meals do not need too much attention and meticulous preparation because you can cook foods quickly and pleasantly.
  • An essential part of the diet is exercise, because, without them, the effects will not be too spectacular.

The diet can be adjusted to individual preferences for example vegetarians, and vegans can use a source of vegetable protein, and people suffering from celiac disease can replace flour products for gluten-free alternatives.

Is 5-factor diet works?

Research for the effectiveness of dietary of 5 factor have not yet been carried out, but this diet seems to be an excellent way to healthy nutrition and weight loss. Despite the lack of confirmation of its properties, eating meals with a low glycemic index, it is highly likely a good way to lose weight in a short time. It also appears that the consumption of smaller meals, but more often, may also have certain health benefits.

The mere elimination of junk food, simple carbohydrates, and high-calorie drinks is an excellent way to drop some weight and improve overall health. 5-factor diet and its effect, however, may depend on various factors such as the starting body weight, sex, and activity level. Dietary plan of Pasternak disregards vary caloric needs of individuals, and the numbers of calories are not one of the conditions of the diet.

The exercises are a vital component of the 5-factor diet, but the recommended amount of 150 minutes a week of training, based on cardio and strength training can be for many of us a bit too small.

Is 5-factor diet is good for everyone?

Weight loss and increased physical activity are the underlying assumptions of the 5-factor diet, which can be a great way of preventing and treating many diseases, including heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes. Nutrition plan needs to be modified, however, often depending on individual circumstances.

The two essential elements of the program – related to the consumption of products with a low glycemic index and eating smaller but more frequent meals are known methods in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels, but in the case of diabetes, carbohydrate would need to be adjusted individually.A gluten-free diet is gaining in popularity!

Similarly, in the event of a high concentration of cholesterol in the blood – the 5-factor diet, based on the products with a low GI, can lower the level of bad cholesterol, but should be the occasion to watch out for the excess of fat and salt in the diet.

People who suffer from kidney disease, while the diet of Pasternak, must be careful on the intake of protein. However, regardless of whether we are struggling with any condition or not, the use of diet, must consult with your doctor or nutritionist.

5-factor diet is a simple diet, balanced and diverse, thus relatively easy to implement. However, it requires a hefty dose of self-denial, because the days of derogations can not occur too frequently, especially if we want efficient and sustainable results. Those who frequently travel or have an extremely irregular mode of life, and may have some problems, with both regular meals and their preparation.

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