3D chili diet

3D chili diet is a diet that is created to support dropping excess kilograms without scrupulous counting caloric value of the meals or starving.

3d-chili-dietThe 3D chili diet is a weight loss program, which includes all the essential nutrients, and at the same time is very diversity. It is not boring and monotonous. Meals are based mainly on the use of particular products (spices), which helps speed up the metabolism.

Basics of 3D chili diet

The base of 3D chili, are spices, on which is based slimming program, they are divided into three color groups:

  • yellow,
  • red,
  • green.

Using weight loss program, you need to take care of the proper selection of the various spices and their quantity, and then combine them with components of the menu. A suitable combination of seasoning guarantees the three-dimensional system of burning calories and thus helps to achieve the intended results.

The main component of the diet, as the name suggests is a chili pepper, to which are, are selected other spices. The addition of green and yellow spices makes our body does not become resistant to one group ceasing to respond to the action of accelerating metabolism. This method guarantees the long-term effects of combustion.

The division of spices, which takes 3D chili diet

The groups of spices in the diet 3D chili are based on their color and with their specific properties.

Red spices – chili

  • Here, in addition to chili, it is also recognized cayenne pepper, sweet pepper, pepperoni, black pepper and curry. They’re important from the perspective of the dietary ingredient is capsaicin, which helps to accelerate the metabolism – the metabolic processes effectively. It’s all, in turn, translates into burning fat. These red spices should be accompanied in the diet 3D chili, on the occasion of every dinner – then they will drive the metabolism for burning night. Red spices are also an excellent way to improve the mood and boost your energy.

The yellow spicesWhat are herbs

  • These include the cinnamon, ginger, and the aromatic card. They are spices, whose function is to stimulate the digestive systems of work, including the stimulation of gastric acid production processes. These spices also have an additional function which is suppressing the appetite and prevent snacking between meals. Excellent in dishes during the day.

The green spices

  • Green spices are the last of the color components necessary for the preparing meals the diet. Here we include herbs such as oregano, basil, mint, sage and thyme and also garlic. Spices are an excellent method of soothing the stomach, supporting his work and reduce indigestion. These herbs should appear by the way breakfast (also sweet) because they help to prepare our stomach for all-day functioning.

What to remember about using a 3D chili diet?

3D chili diet based on a wealth of spices is very pleasant, aromatic and tasty. It thoughtful planning and use of an abundance of properties offered by the spices allows enjoying a shapely figure and a delicious, healthy diet.

But be careful, some of the spices instead carry positive actions may harm when we get sick. People suffering from stomach ulcers or other gastrointestinal diseases, should not use spices that can irritate the digestive system, causing some ailments.

The diet does not require too many sacrifices and hard work on the food. Important is the use of spices in the respective combinations, and times of the day. Remember to eat regular meals – especially important is breakfast, but as well crucial is to get the appropriate dose of sleep every day (at least 8 hours). Sleep is essential to achieving adequate results diet – its deficiency results in secretion through our body systems ghrelin, a hormone that is affected, an increase of our appetite.

With 3D chili diet you can eat everything, of course, in reasonable quantities. Remember to regular, preferably five meals a day and use spices. With this diet, you can safely dump to 2 kilograms per week.

Advantages and disadvantages of diet 3D chili

This distinctive diet compared to others, has many advantages, but also disadvantages.

The advantages we can include:Dietary plan

  • the lack of restrictions on the consumption of food,
  • ease of use and low price,
  • a diet 3D chili is tasty, making a very pleasant,
  • is varied,
  • slimming without much effort,
  • does not have yo-yo effect, it can be used for a long time,
  • is not exhaustive, and the exercises are particular pleasure supporting the effects of diet.


  • the rate of weight loss is relatively small but healthy,
  • is not suitable for people with stomach problems.

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