1000 calories diet

1000 calories diet restricts daily calorie intake to a small number of calories as a means of rapid loss of excessive body weight.

1000-calories-dietWomen using a diet of 1000 calories can lose an average of about two kilograms a week, whereas men lose up to 5 of pounds. A drastic reduction in caloric intake can not, however, constitute the diet in the long run. The important aspect of the diet 1000 calories is to reduce daily caloric food value to the specified amount of calories.

What is worth noting during a diet 1000 calories?

Eating too small amounts of calories in the daily diet is not the best solution, especially if we focus on processed foods, sugars, and alcohol. The diet of 1000 calories, you should try to divide the meals into five portions a day. It is good to put here on the whole grains, lean proteins, fresh fruits, and vegetables – it will control the attacks of hunger.

  • 1000 calories diet should not be used for longer than seven days because it can be associated with the risk of numerous health problems like anemia, irregular menstrual periods (in women), hair loss, dry skin, and depression.
  • Using a 1000 kcal diet, frequently run the risk of back to normal eating habits, which in turn binds to the yo-yo effect.
  • Skipping meals as part of a diet to 1000 kcal is associated with the discomfort hunger, fatigue, headaches, nausea, irritability and problems with concentration, so it is worth to spread “light,” but nutritious meals for the day.obesity-gene-does-not-impede-the-weight-loss

This unconventional reducing diet helps to lose weight quickly, but it is not the best method for permanent fat loss from the body. Restriction of caloric intake to 1000, may have some unpleasant effects.

While it is possible to develop a 1,000 calories diet rich in nutrients, in the long run, the amount of energy it offered, may be insufficient. Development of the diet requires effort, and it is necessary to use it under the supervision of a doctor or a nutritionist.

There is a need to provide the body with all basics product groups and nutrients.

Foods that are eaten by many of us, without diet, containing full 1000 calories are for example:

cheeseburger with a small portion of fries,

serving of lasagna with Italian bread,

a large glass of soda and a candy bar.

Disadvantages of 1000 calories dietTherapeutic diets

1,000 calorie diet involves not only weight loss but also other non-positive effects like:

  • tiredness,
  • deficiency of nutrients
  • excessive hunger and thirst.

Using a diet of 1000 calories, you can not find the energy for physical activities, and at the same time our metabolism slows up, trying to maintain the power. In fact, we do not burn fat, but rather a muscle, using them as a source of energy.

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